Things Men Say That Send Women Running

It never fails. You spend hours digging through the best hookup dating sites for the profile that fits just right. Then it’s another hour of figuring out what to say and how to deliver it. Should you update your picture first? Maybe talk about that thing she liked. Or perhaps you should just skip the small talk and ask her to join you for dinner in Victoria so you can talk in person. Whichever option you finally land on one thing is clear: it wasn’t the right one. It may not be your first time contacting her through a website or in person, but it can always be your last, and sometimes our habits are so ingrained that we just can’t tell what’s put her off so bad. This is where you can really benefit from the experiences of others.

Telling Her to Smile

“She can smile whenever she likes”

You might think you’re giving her a compliment when you tell her that a pretty girl should smile, but what you’re actually doing is telling her she’s not allowed to display a different emotion. Let’s be honest, you probably didn’t mean that at all, but no amount of studying the best hookup dating sites will ever tell you how what you say can end up being a reflection of something she wants nothing to do with, and frankly neither do you. A general rule of thumb is that if you would find it awkward or strange for someone to say something to you, don’t use the same line on her. If she’s frowning about something, don’t tell her to smile, because that’s not really what you mean. What you mean is you noticed she seems upset and you don’t want her to be. Just like you would look at someone like they have four heads if they told you to put a smile on because you’re too handsome to be upset, think of how awkward she feels to be told she shouldn’t be feeling an emotion, often by a complete stranger.

It’s a little weird, isn’t it? The thing is, women are constantly being told what to do and primarily what to look like. Frankly they’re pretty tired of it and definitely tired of guys thinking that’s all they want to hear. If you approach women with a command, even if it’s wrapped in a compliment, it’s about as much of a turn off as you can imagine. She’s going to feel awkward at best and that’s not how you want to open a conversation with someone. So ask yourself first how strange or uncomfortable it would be if the situation was reversed and don’t kid yourself. You’d be surprised how many bad pickup lines this will take out of use right away and how much more affective your approach will be after the fact.

Asking About Her Sexual Partners

“That’s too personal”

Here’s the thing; unless you’re dealing with a long term relationship, this really isn’t ever an appropriate question to ask. Even then, it should really only be brought up in response to her asking the same of you. Although, just to be clear, she really doesn’t have any more reason to know how many or which people you’ve slept with than you have to pry into the same details for her. It’s one thing when it comes to asking about what she wants out of sex, what kind of foreplay she likes, if she has any sexual fantasies or things that are just not going to fly in the bedroom. You’re just making sure you both have a good time. Asking specifically about previous partners isn’t any more of your business than your previous playmates are to her.

There’s a lot of reasons why this is the case, but suffice to say it’s an invasion of privacy and there’s pretty much no way to come off as not being judgmental. Even if you don’t really care how many people she’s been with or if she slept with a particular person, just asking about it makes you seem like you do. You’re probably not going to receive an honest answer even if she deigns to give one and most the time will kill the mood and piss her off instead. Just take our word on this, even if the slogans like to remind us that sleeping with someone is having sex with everyone they’ve ever been with, what they’re really warning about is sexually transmitted diseases, not needing to know the names and approximate amount of people she’s ever slept with. So take our word for it and just don’t go there.

Anything About How Long You’ve Been on a Dating Site

“That’s asking for trouble”

One of the worst things guys can do to stab themselves in the foot is say something along the lines of “I’ve just been on this site for too long.” Doing your research on the best hookup dating sites should have been enough to tell you that bemoaning your inability to get into or maintain a relationship is a really big put off. Think about it. If a woman you were potentially interested in dating started complaining about never being able to find someone on the site even after all the time she’d been there, wouldn’t you start wondering if there wasn’t something else going? Just what are you missing that made every other guy look or run away? See where we’re going with this?

Complaining about how long it’s taking to find someone worth dating or even just how long you’ve been stuck with this one website even though it was listed as one of the best hookup dating sites is going to raise giant, angry red flags in her mind. Not only do you get points off for whining in one of your first conversations, which makes you come across as brattish and self-centered, but she’s also going to be wondering what exactly is going on here. Even if you have perfectly harmless, legitimate reasons for having relationships fall through, all she’ll see is a potential disaster waiting to happen.

Introducing Yourself by Telling Her How Hot She is

“She knows she is hot”

This is right up there with catcalling random women on the street. They all pretty much universally hate this. Even women on the best hookup dating sites out there won’t take well to an introduction including a statement about how hot they are. To women the word hot equates to “sex now.” So, unless you’re on a website specifically devoted to hooking up for sex, this sort of thing is never going to go over well. So, start looking for top dating sites for some hook up tips. Read our Reviews Of The Top Hookup Sites: We Compare Hookup Sites . Check these hookup dating site reviews and learn how to introduce yourself properly to a woman.

Things Women Do That Drive Men Away

“Don’t let them walk away from you”

We figured out a long time ago that women and men are two very different animals. We are different not only in physical ways but we think, act and process information differently. That being the case, there are things women do unknowingly (in most cases) that tend to drive men away. Much of what drives men away fastest has to do with respect in a lot of different ways. No matter how different men and women are, at the core, we all want to be treated with the same basic kindnesses of humanity.

Wide Open Spaces

“Some men like closeness”

It’s a pretty well-known fact that men like their space. Many women do too, for that matter. The question is, how much space is enough? It’s different for each man. Believe it or not, there are many men who like having their women close and keep their relationships extremely intimate. There are also men who enjoy their bro time, work a lot of hours or just plain like alone time. There is no right answer, which makes this topic even harder. It is important to have clear and open communication so everyone is aware of how much space each person in the relationship needs to feel happy.

Cheating on a Fling site

There is nothing that will drive a man away faster than a woman that is stepping out on her man. And as you probably already know, fling sites are well-known aids in many extramarital affairs. Cheating is a major turn off and a big characteristic that drives men away. Courtesy of Staying true is just as big a deal for men as it is women. While it’s true, men have a bad reputation for cheating, women can be just as bad. Fling sites often play a role in this behavior and it is sure to drive any man away. There are many other ways to instigate cheating feelings. Fling sites aren’t the only one, but undoubtedly they are one of the easier ways to bring it out.

Bossy is for Cows

“Men hate bossy women”

Telling a man what to do and asserting oneself into his life in areas as yet uninvited drive a man away every time. This tip goes along with giving men enough space. Baking away and getting close only when it’s comfortable and invited is the best tactic a female can take. Established, successful men are capable of taking care of them and have proven that they are quite capable at it. Mothering, smothering and bossing are detrimental behaviors in any relationship, but most especially one where a man is strong-willed and capable.

They Don’t Treat Each Encounter like a Discreet Affair

We all know how a little taboo, or love on the down low can be very exciting. Clearly a discreet affair is sexy. Even if it’s between an established couple. Let’s face it. Sex is a major part of a relationship for both men and women. Go here to try and find it. A big part of enjoying sex for men is knowing that the woman they are with, is enjoying it. When a woman acts like she is having a discreet affair every time you’re with her it’s a huge turn-on. If he knows he is giving her pleasure, he is enjoying himself. It’s important for men. Women are often afraid of being too loud or making a fool of themselves, even if they are enjoying themselves immensely. Acting like you’re doing something you shouldn’t be, add a little bit of spice to the relationship. If she doesn’t throw in a little discreet affair role play periodically, or something similar, it will drive men away.

The Age Old Power Struggle

It seems funny in this day and age, but many women still feel the need to prove themselves. Sometimes in their careers or social life or family, a woman feels that she may not be getting the respect she deserves or the recognition she is entitled too. In order to gain this respect and recognition, women may attempt to upstage their men in some manner. Not only do men hate this, but women do too. The difference is, it’s a deal breaker for men. This is a behavior that drives men away.

There are definitely a few things that women tend to do that drive men away time and again. While there certainly is no absolute path to avoiding these pitfalls, there is hope. No one is perfect and each relationship is different but if both parties are striving to make it work, odd are in their favor.

Close More Sales with These 5 Guaranteed Ways

The success of a business or a product is determined through its sales. Closing sales, however, is not easy and it depends on how a salesperson does the job. The art of selling is very challenging. Not all people are fit to do it. Experience and knowledge about selling is important if you want to become successful in this field. You can also improve your craft with these 5 guaranteed ways.

1. Create an impression to the customer

Creating an impression to the customer depends on how you present your product or business. Your presentation should not be boring and should not be the same old presentation you have used a million times. Use examples to sway the customer and put them in a situation where they can claim ownership of the product or business. If possible, use modern gadgets during your presentation.

2. Be patient and persistent when doing a sale

There are times that you cannot close a sale. However, this is not a valid reason for you to give up. A good salesperson needs to be patient and persistent. Even if it becomes uncomfortable on your part, just continue what you are doing. It is a given that some people will not buy your product or service, but there are also some who are going to try it. No matter how many times you are turned down just be persistent and you will surely be rewarded.

Gain the Flexibility of Dialing Down the Guaranteed Period and Close More Sales

Gain the Flexibility of Dialing Down the Guaranteed Period and Close More Sales

3. Condition yourself to become results-oriented

In addition to being patient and persistent it is also important to condition yourself to be results-oriented. Your goal is making sales and you should not focus too much on the work you have exerted just to get the sale. You can do everything you possibly can, but your efforts will be worthless if you don’t close sales. Aim in making the sales and don’t pat yourself for a good effort.

4. The right time to make a sale is NOW

One mistake that you should not make as a salesperson is waiting. You should not wait when selling. Be assertive when making a sale. Some customers would like you to wait because they are still having second thoughts about what you are selling. Be alert of the signs that tell you the customer is not qualified as a sale. You may lose other prospects just because you are holding on to someone who is not actually qualified.

Buyer services are free to buyers.

Buyer services are free to buyers.

5. Customer satisfaction is the key

There are be times that you will think too much about making the sale that you forget about your customer’s satisfaction. Always treat your customers with care and give them what they are looking for. It is easier to close a sale if you have a happy customer. Remember that every prospect you meet is a sale just waiting to be swept.

Selling is difficult. People can be warm or cold to what you are trying to sell. Just keep in mind that no one makes a sale by waiting for prospects to come. Work hard and be smart and you’ll be closing more sales in no time.

Fixed Vs. Adjustable Rate Mortgages: How Much House Can You Afford?

 Over the past decades, mortgage rates have change ever so slightly. Today, although there are various kinds of mortgage loans available, choosing the one that is best for you may be hard. But before choosing, let us look at two of the most common mortgage loans: The fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgage loans.

Getting to know fixed rate mortgages

Basically, what fixed rate mortgages mean is having a complete amortizing mortgage loan with no increase on its interest rate: the amount is the same throughout the whole term of the loan. What happens is that everything is fixed, from the amount of payment to the duration of the loan. This helps the customer a lot, especially for those who have fixed salaries every month. Fixed rate mortgages helps people pay off their mortgages on time, because there are no fluctuations of the prices because of the interest rates. These kinds of mortgages are popular among people who have secure high-paying jobs because of its flexibility.

How much can you really afford to spend on a house?

How much can you really afford to spend on a house?

The deal about adjustable rate mortgages

Adjustable Rate Mortgages however, is a type of mortgage loan where in the interest rates on the outstanding balance or note varies periodically, depending on a certain reference point. Usually, the rate of the loans is offered depending on the company’s standard base rate. Interest rates then vary depending on the index of the company’s cost, plus an additional variable called the Adjustable Rate Mortgage margin or the ARM margin. These rates are called adjustable because the interest rates are unpredictable where the borrower is at an advantage if the interest rate falls down because of fluctuations.

Fixed-rate mortgage to 'fall to 1.5pc'

Fixed-rate mortgage to ‘fall to 1.5pc’

Determining what will suit you best

Depending on your income, determining what kind of mortgage you engage into will differ. But fundamentally, fixed rate mortgages are usually more expensive than adjustable rate mortgages because of the uncertainty of the latter. Because interest rates may actually differ depending on the season or time, fixed rate mortgages are naturally expensive to recuperate any losses due to fluctuating interest rates. Adjustable rate mortgages do not exactly mean a cheaper variant than fixed rate mortgages; it’s just that there are possibilities and chances where your interest rates are lower than the usual rates at any given time. The problem though is uncertainty, and you can never predict the rise and fall of interest rates. The key here is to determine if you can pay a fixed rate mortgage for a long time, or you can pay an adjustable rate mortgage in a short span of time.

It is only a matter of self assessment whether or not to get yourself a fixed or adjustable rate mortgage. If you are unsure, you can always inquire over the internet where there are a lot of advices from experts and gurus.

What To Do When You’re Dining Out On A Diet

 Admit it. There’s always a certain satisfaction that only dining out can give more than eating at home. In fact, the average American eats at restaurants at least four times a week and America spends $1 billion a day dining out. Not only does it decrease your savings little by little, it could also make you bigger and bigger by the minute. But just how will you dine out by still keeping that diet?

  1. Be ready

Before you go finding that first fancy restaurant that catches your eye, sit at home and consult the internet first. Most restaurants these days already have their websites with their menus published. Inspect their dishes and pick out what looks healthy to you – grilled food, salads, veggies, and the likes. Decide which to eat before you go and stick to that decision once you have arrived there. That way, you won’t be able to get tempted to order more.

  1. Make sure to order first

When you’re dining out with someone else, ordering right after them would just might make you think twice about your order – especially when your date wants a decadent steak frites. The trick to not being tempted to order your friend’s not-so healthy dish is to not know what they are getting in the first place. If you did not get the chance to order first, don’t look through the menu and repeat your order to yourself so you can stick to it.

The Trick to Eating Healthy When You're Eating Out, Beyond Common Sense

The Trick to Eating Healthy When You’re Eating Out, Beyond Common Sense

  1. Get rid of appetizers

The more you snack those pre-meal goodies, the more you are piling up extra fat and calories that you don’t even need. Moreover, they make you lose your appetite for the healthier food to come. At all costs avoid them. Better yet, have the server retrieve the temptation to regain your control.

  1. Go easy on the sides

The most frequently served side dishes are high in fats and calories. Avoid them by replacing these dishes with low-fat alternatives such as steamed vegetables, fresh fruit, or brown rice. Don’t be tempted by the French fries when you can always have backed, roasted, or boiled potatoes as your sides. You may do away with the butter, creams, and cheese, by the way.



  1. Follow the 3-bite rule

That is, in the case of desserts. Just have three bites of that one scrumptious-looking item to satisfy your taste buds then ask the server to take it away. If you can, just wave off that dessert cart to some other table. But if you’re craving for sweets, settle with fresh fruit instead, and that’s it. Desserts are always a no-no, that is, if you’re strictly sticking to your diet.

Being on a diet does not mean we are limiting ourselves to the good part of dining, it just means we are responsible enough in dealing with our health. Now, go dine out when you want to!

5 Reasons Not to End a Relationship If You’re Too Picky

It is difficult for someone who is picky to be in a long relationship. You can have the best person in the world but still find the relationship incomplete. There are things that you find unsatisfying even if it is already a great relationship. When in a relationship, it is not a great idea to break up right away just because you are picky. Here are 5 good reasons why:

1. You can’t really find someone for you

This is one basic reason why you shouldn’t break up with your partner if you are picky. You should rather work on your relationship than leave and look for someone else. You can’t appreciate people and you only find what their flaws are. Maybe you have the best partner in the world, but you just can’t see it.

2. You requirements are beyond the usual

It’s natural to have your own sets of standards for your partner. It becomes inappropriate if your standards are already impossible to accomplish. People are unique. You can’t really find a perfect person, but you can have an ideal partner that can make you happy.

Why Being Too Picky is Ruining Your Relationship

Why Being Too Picky is Ruining Your Relationship

3. You are more attracted to superficial things

Most people who are too picky tend to settle for things that can only be seen from the outside. These things can be money, physical appearance, or family background. You should not break up with your partner if this is your basis for a happy relationship. You may find a partner using these matrices, but you will not be happy because most of these people are the authoritative type and want to dominate the relationship. You will become dependent to the person and you will not have control of your life.

4. You rely too much on your assumptions

Assuming things is not really bad. However, if you assume too much and rely on your assumptions regularly, you will not have a great view of reality. You are a human being and as a human being you are not perfect. Your opinion is important, but it doesn’t mean you are always right. You can decide on breaking up, but there is no way that you can predict you will have a great relationship in the future if you are too picky.

Are you too picky?

Are you too picky?

5. It is impossible for you to be happy

Happiness and acceptance are the reason why people go into a relationship. If you are too picky and you don’t feel happy with your partner right now, then there is a big chance you will not also feel happy in future relationships. Working together with your partner is a better course to take than breaking up.

Each person can choose who they want to spend the rest of their life with. Sometimes you can even go overboard with your preferences. An ideal person is not someone that has all the characteristics that you need. It is someone who is willing to change and become ideal for you. Take a second thought on breaking up with your partner if you are too picky, you might be losing the one person who loves and understands you the most.

Ditch All Your Remote Controls – Logitech’s Ultimate Has Got It All Covered

Remote controls are very important devices. You become a master when you have the remote. Then again, it can be pretty annoying when you have too many controls in your hand. Now is the time to throw these things away. Logitech has created a “god of remote controls”. This product is called Harmony Ultimate. Your initial reaction could be that it is a pretty silly name. Yes, it sounds silly but the device can actually do what its name suggests, harmony. A harmony of all remote-controlled appliances – exactly what Logitech’s Ultimate universal remote control can do.

The king of remote controls

The Harmony Ultimate can be called as the king of all remote controls. It can allow you to control over 15 devices at the same time. What is great about this device is that you can control appliances even if they are hidden away from plain view. What makes this possible is the Harmony hub that comes along with the universal remote. You will not only be able to control major appliances, but also gain access to gaming console with bluetooth. This is really an accessory device that can be a main device at home. It is not only limited at controlling appliances and consoles, but it can also control the brightness of Philips hue lights.

Our take on the Logitech® Harmony® Ultimate Remote

Our take on the Logitech® Harmony® Ultimate Remote

Features of Harmony Ultimate that others do not have

What makes this remote control ultimately unique is its Harmony hub. The hub is the component that allows you to control devices even if they are away from view. The remote also has a screen where you can customize your channels. You can simply tap you favorite channel on this screen and your TV will automatically feature that channel. It can control up to 15 devices at the same time and is compatible with a wide array of home theaters. It also features gentle vibrations that tell you that you have pressed the button properly. This way, you no longer need to look away from the TV.

Logitech's Harmony Ultimate Universal Remote Control

Logitech’s Harmony Ultimate Universal Remote Control

Make your smartphone a remote control

There is also an existing Harmony Ultimate application for smartphones. The moment you download this app, you can make your smartphone a universal remote. All of this is possible due to the Harmony hub. The application is available for both iOS and Android. The application does not mean that you can just settle for the phone and forget the Ultimate remote. There are features that are only possible with the remote and not with the smartphone application.

The world is slowly changing. Smartphones are getting popular. They are the key to the development of future appliances and devices. However, there is a space that this development cannot fill. Logitech has made great efforts to fill this gap. The development of the Harmony Ultimate remote control is the device that we have all been waiting for.